Follow the Action

Follow the action from Round Rock, Texas this weekend during US Quidditch Cup 11, including livestreamed games.


A general schedule of games is available here.


A number of games will be live-streamed this weekend. Fans can watch every game at the championship pitch on our YouTube channel. The Eighth Man will also be live-streaming games on Pitch 5 through their Facebook page.


Get a front row prospective to everything happening this weekend at US Quidditch Cup. Follow  us on Instagram and the event hashtag (#USQuidditchCup11) to make sure you don’t miss out on a second of the action.


Keep up with the action on Twitter. Make sure to follow @USQuidditchCup11 and @LiveWithUSQ. Use the hashtag #USQuidditchCup11 to see teams and players’ updates.


The Scores section of the website, linked here, will update automatically with new score information. We’ll also be tweeting scores and updates all weekend from @USQScores.


Snapchat is covering the US Quidditch Cup 11 with an Our Story that will air on April 16. Our Stories allow Snapchatters at the same event or location to contribute their unique perspectives through video and photo Snaps to one collective narrative, capturing the real story, straight from the fans and  people at the event. A team at Snapchat curates the thousands of submitted Snaps and packages them into a brief video that can be broadcast to millions of users right on their phone.

If you’re at the event, it’s easy to submit your Snaps to the Our Story – simply take a photo or video Snap, tap send and choose to submit to the US Quidditch Cup 11 Our Story. After you take your Snap, swipe left to find cool geofilters. If your Snap is selected by the team at Snapchat, it will be included in the Our Story and available for all Snapchatters to see for 24 hours.

Youth Quidditch

Youth Quidditch is included with the price of admission, and the are programs for elementary, middle, and high school students on Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be sharing photos and videos from the Youth Quidditch pitch all weekend!

Saturday Schedule

1:00 PM: Youth quidditch programming begins
1:10-1:40 PM: Quidditch 101: Flying for First Years
1:55-2:25 PM: All Ages Scrimmages
2:40-3:00 PM: Quidditch 101: Seeking and Snitching
3:10-3:30 PM: Quidditch 101: You’re a Keeper!
3:45-6:30 PM: All Ages Scrimmages

Sunday Schedule

11:30 AM: Youth quidditch programming begins
11:40 AM-12:10 PM: Quidditch 101: Flying for First Years
12:25-12:55 PM: All Ages Scrimmages
1:10-1:40 PM: High School Scrimmages
1:55-4:15 PM: All Ages Scrimmages


We have several vendors taking part in the event this weekend. The vendors range from merchandising, to henna tattoos, to all kinds of food, and you can find them on our event’s website here.

#MyQuidCupJourney – the Referee

Featured here is Alex Amodol, referee and player since fall 2012. He’s played chaser and beater with the Philadelphia Honey Badgers, the Warriors and the Rogues, as well as rocked the black and white ref stripes.

At US Quidditch Cup 9 (USQC9), he’ll be busy head reffing, but will make time to cheer on the Warriors, too. Amodol will also enjoy the company of his fellow referees from all over the country.

This #MyQuidCupJourney quote speaks to the importance of confidence when reffing high-stakes games. “Some games handle themselves. The calls come easily, you are on your ‘A’ game, and watching the footage later does not make you cringe repeatedly,” Amodol explains, “And then there are those nightmare games. Stoppages come far too often, tempers flare up and you just feel drained at the end of them.” Those are the games where you need to trust your training, and your skillset. You need to trust you are prepared for anything.

At USQC9, the pressure is on. Our referees are prepared…are you?

Photo by Isabella Gong. #MyQuidCupJourney gives a firsthand account of what it takes to compete at the highest level. Part of our national championship since World Cup VII in 2014, it showcases the best in the sport. To see the first entry, the Chaser, click here.