Volunteer at US Quidditch Cup 10

The volunteer sign-up form is now available for US Quidditch Cup 10.

Photos by: Briana Marian Photography and Jessica Jiamin Lang Photography

The volunteer sign-up form for US Quidditch Cup 10 is live! Interested volunteers must sign up through this form. The deadline to sign up is Sunday, March 26, 2017 at 11:59pm ET.

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee you volunteer and/or officiating spots. Especially for officials, selection will depend on a number of factors, including experience, evaluations from this season, and availability.

Volunteers who work at least 3 hours per day will be given a free shirt and free admission to the event on days that they volunteer at least 3 hours. Volunteers who work at least 6 hours per day will be given a free meal and free admission.

The volunteer and officiating schedules will be released the week of March 27, 2017. Staff will contact interested photographers, writers, editors, field managers, and certified officials prior to that date. For all other volunteer positions, you will hear from staff in late March regarding your volunteer schedule.

A detailed description of opportunities is available below and also at this link.

Limited complimentary housing may be available for full-time (6-8 hours or willingness to officiate up to 6-8 games per day) certified officials, field managers, and photographers. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that you will receive housing, even if you meet the requirements described on the form. To request housing, please fill out the form here. US Quidditch Cup 10 staff will finalize housing for volunteers, if is is available, by early March.

Planning Staff

USQ is looking for additional volunteers to support the in-advance planning of US Quidditch Cup 10.  Please take a look at available opportunities here. Applications close at the end of the month. Planning staff volunteers receive free housing and ground transportation once they are on-site in Kissimmee, Florida. Select meals will also be provided.

On-Site Volunteer Role Descriptions

These roles are on-site only, and do not involve planning work in advance of the event.


Head Referee

The head referee is responsible for the safety of the players, spectators, and referees of the game, while also ensuring that the game is run fairly. The head referee must be able to keep control of their referee team, as well as the players on and off the field. They must be able to make quick and authoritative decisions in accordance with USQ Rulebook 10.

Head referees must be fully certified as head referees by US Quidditch. HRs will be compensated $20 per game.

Lead Assistant Referee

The lead assistant referee supervises the assistant referees. They (along with the other assistant referees) are responsible for off-quaffle play, including but not limited to: bludgers and beater play, chaser and keeper interaction away from the quaffle, and other situations outside of the view of the head referee (damaged equipment, downed players, etc.).

Lead assistant referees must be fully certified as lead assistant referees by US Quidditch. LARs will be compensated $10 per game.

Snitch Runner

The job of the snitch is to keep the snitch tail safe from the grasp of each team’s seeker. Snitching can be the most exciting position on a quidditch pitch, but it can also be the most difficult.

Snitch runners do not have to be certified for US Quidditch Cup, but USQ will strongly favor certified snitches for all games. Certified snitches will be compensated $8 per game.


Guest Services Volunteer

Guest services volunteers will be a resource for guests on-site: answering questions about quidditch, directing them to where to go, etc.

If you have good customer service skills, this position will be good for you.

Exhibit Docent

Exhibit docent volunteers will help monitor the quidditch history exhibit, as well as answer questions guests may have about its contents.

If you are assertive, have good customer service skills, and are familiar with quidditch, this position will be good for you.

Youth Quidditch

Youth quidditch volunteers will be in charge of our youth quidditch pitch: teaching the kids (and adults!) all about how to play quidditch, setting up scrimmages, showing them drills, etc.

If you like to work with children, have patience, and have familiarity with quidditch, this position will be good for you.

Children’s Activities Volunteer

Children’s activities volunteers will lead crafts and engage with children through additional activities.

If you enjoy working with children, this position will be good for you.

Color Announcer

Color announcer volunteers watch and comment at assigned games focusing on humor and spectator engagement.

If you have a strong sense of comedic timing, have family-friendly improv experience, and can think on your feet, this position will be good for you.

Play by Play Announcer

Play-by-play announcer volunteers watch and comment on assigned games focusing on the gameplay aspects of the match.

If you can follow quidditch games easily and explain the action well, this position will be good for you.

Team Services

Team services volunteers will be a resource for teams on-site: answering player questions, directing teams to where they need to be, etc.

If you have good customer service skills and are familiar with quidditch, this position will be good for you.

Ticket Booth

Ticketing volunteers will be posted at the entrance of the facility in order to check that guests have their tickets to gain entrance to the park, as well as to sell tickets to guests who have yet to purchase them.

If you have good customer service skills, this position will be good for you.

VIP Services

VIP services volunteers will be working directly with our VIP guests, including answering questions, managing admission to VIP area, and helping to provide a great onsite experience for our valued guests.

If you have good customer service skills, this position will be good for you.



Runners are the go-to volunteers on site at the event. They will be responsible for picking up scorecards at the end of a game slot, running replacement equipment to a field in an emergency, refilling water, and taking care of any other quick fixes that may come up.

Runners must be able to walk/run quickly, carry potentially heavy objects, and be willing to help in any way possible.


Security volunteers will be responsible for ensuring the security of restricted areas throughout the weekend by manning the entrances to those areas.

If you are assertive and willing/able to act as a bouncer for the tournament planning staff, this position will be good for you.


Set-up volunteers will assist the tournament staff in getting the tournament set up and ready to go for the weekend on Friday, April 7 and/or preparing the fields and hospitality areas on the event dates.

You must be available during the day on Friday, April 7 or early morning on the days of the event to be a set-up volunteer.

Tear Down

Tear-down volunteers will assist the tournament staff in breaking down the tournament site on Monday, April 10 and/or breaking down the fields and hospitality areas on the event dates.

You must be available during the day on Monday, April 10 or a the conclusion of gameplay on the days of the event to be a tear-down volunteer.


Merchandise Booth

Merchandise sales volunteers will assist USQ’s staff with the USQ merchandise booth. They will help organize inventory, explain and showcase offerings to customers, and do other things to assist DFTBA staff with the selling of merchandise. DFTBA staff will be handling point-of-sale transactions including cards and all cash.

If you have good customer service skills, this position will be good for you. Experience in sales is a bonus!

Feature Writer

Generate feature articles during the event. Interview players, captains, volunteers, and other key stakeholders.

If you have strong writing skills, this position will be good for you.

Feature Editor

Assist in preparing articles for publication.

If you have a strong grasp of the English language, enjoying editing both for SPAG and flow, and have good attention to detail, this position will be good for you.


Take high quality pictures during the event.

If you have previous experience shooting quidditch or other sports, this position will be good for you.

General Marketing Volunteer

General marketing volunteers will be responsible for updating content on USQ’s social media outlets during the event and providing additional support to the marketing team as needed.

If you have previous experience taking photos for and engaging through social media, this position will be good for you.


Field Manager

Field Managers are vital to the tournament running smoothly throughout the weekend. They are the eyes and ears of the field staff coordinators and are responsible to relaying real-time information to the staff to ensure that their field is fully staffed and running on time according to the schedule.

Field managers must be NON-PLAYING volunteers. They are extremely well-organized and are capable of doing what it takes to keep their field running on time.

Volunteer Check-In

Volunteer check-in volunteers will assist with checking in volunteers in the morning, as well as throughout the day. They’ll ensure that all volunteers have the materials they need for their volunteer position(s), and know when and where they are to report throughout the day.

If you have good customer service skills, this position will be good for you.


The floater is very similar to the logistics runner position, except that floater volunteers can also potentially fill in for missing volunteers in specific volunteer roles. Otherwise, floater volunteers will work with the runner volunteers to help take care of any immediate needs of the tournament.

Floaters must be able to walk/run quickly, carry potentially heavy objects, and willing to help in any way possible.

For questions about volunteering at US Quidditch Cup 10, plus contact the USQ Events Department at events@usquidditch.org.

Team Registration and Tickets Now Live for US Quidditch Cup 10

Photo by Jessica Jiamin Lang Photography. The new website for US Quidditch Cup 10 is now live. Information on team registration and tickets is now available.


View the new website here!

Team Registration

All this information is also available here on the US Quidditch Cup 10 website.

Teams must qualify through one of the regional championships in order to be eligible to compete in the event.

Teams must complete ALL of the following five requirements to be fully registered for US Quidditch Cup 10. The steps may be completed in any order, but the first four requirements must be completed by the deadline listed for the team’s region. The fifth deadline is the season play requirement, which all teams must complete no later than Sunday, March 26 at 11:59pm ET.

Teams will be required to provide referees during the event, as per previous USQ events. Specific requirements on the number of slots to be filled by teams’ certified referees (ex. snitch referee, assistant referee) and other positions (ex. goal judge, scorekeeper, timekeeper) will be provided to teams no later than one month before the event.

To see your team’s current registration status, please view this spreadsheet.

Note: As a reminder to all teams, the USQ Stay and Play policy applies to this event. The policy requires that in order to participate in a particular event, teams are required to book hotel rooms in one of several tournament-approved hotels through our travel planner. The only exception to this rule is for teams whose official mailing address is within 100 miles of the tournament site address, using the shortest driving distance as reported by Google Maps.


Great Lakes, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions –  Friday, January 27 at 11:59pm ET

South region – Friday, February 24 at 11:59pm ET

Southwest region – Friday, March 3 at 11:59pm ET

West region – Friday, March 10 at 11:59pm ET

Northwest region – Friday, March 17 at 11:59pm ET

Teams who fail to meet their deadline will be disqualified from the event.


The following four steps MUST be completed before your region’s deadline:

  1. Submit the event registration form.
  2. Request attendance to the event on the events calendar. Note: As with all official games, each team’s roster of up to 21 players must be submitted through the USQ website no later than 24 hours before the start of the event.
  3. Pay the non-refundable tournament registration fee, which is $450*. This can be done either by mailing a check or paying via PayPal. To pay by check, it should be made out to US Quidditch, Inc. and mailed to PO Box 79304 Charlotte, NC 28271. The check must be postmarked by the team’s registration deadline.   
    To pay via Paypal, use the form linked on this page.
    * Please note that a $25 processing fee will be included if you choose to pay with PayPal. Also, a grant program for team registration fees for West and Northwest teams will be available. The specific amount is TBA and will be available in 2017.
  4. Register for hotel accommodations through USQ’s travel partner, Traveling Teams, as required per the stay and play policy. Teams are required to book a minimum two night stay for all players for the event. The reservation request must be submitted by the team’s registration deadline. The confirmation email the team receives upon submitting the request should be emailed to events@usquidditch.org.
    The hotels offered are:
    –  Holiday Inn Express Orlando – Lake Buena Vista South, $159.00/night, 17.36 miles from fields
    –  Radisson Resort Orlando Celebration, $108.00/night, 19.94 miles from fields
    – Red Lion Hotel Orlando Kissimmee Maingate, $89.00/night, 22.69 miles from fields
    –  Park Inn Resort & Conference Center Orlando, $119.00/night, 23.32 miles from fields
    –  Ramada Kissimmee Gateway, $107.00/night, 23.37 miles from fields
    If you have questions about hotels, please contact Michael McGill. He is a Client Services Manager at Traveling Teams. He can be reached at michael@travelingteams.com or (866) 468-3268 x884.
    Please note that teams may be subject to additional deadlines for required hotel information, including rooming lists. Teams are responsible for complying with all additional hotel deadlines as communicated by Traveling Teams.


Additionally, all teams must complete the season play requirement no later than Sunday, March 26 at 11:59pm ET. Teams who do not complete the season play requirement will not be considered fully registered, and will be disqualified from the event.

  1. Complete the full season play requirements: play at least eight games against a minimum of four different official teams at three different events by Sunday, March 26 at 11:59pm ET. Games played at regional championships do not count toward this total.

Please keep in mind that official matches must be submitted to the USQ Events Calendar no later than two weeks before the match date, so teams who still need to complete season play requirements should schedule official matches to meet these requirements, and submit the event to the calendar, as soon as possible.

Please also note that a certified tournament director must be present and organize every official match.


To help facilitate the accurate dissemination of information for marketing and the livestream, we ask that teams fill out a questionnaire, similar to what was asked of team’s last season. The questionnaire will be available in 2017. Teams are asked to fill it out by Friday, March 17, 2017. Filling out the questionnaire is optional. However, it will greatly increase the quality of coverage for teams by the media and on the USQ livestream.


Tickets are now on sale here! Full information on what will be available for fans onsite is here. Early bird pricing is available through December 24, 2016. Ticket prices are:

  • Early Bird One Day Kid Pass: $8.00
  • Early Bird Weekend Kid Pass: $12.00
  • Early Bird Adult One Day Pass: $15.00
  • Early Bird Adult Weekend Pass: $20.00
  • Early Bird VIP Weekend Pass: $99.00

From December 25, 2016-April 2, 2017, ticket prices are:

  • Pre-Sale One Day Kid Pass: $10.00
  • Pre-Sale Weekend Kid Pass: $14.00
  • Pre-Sale Adult One Day Pass: $19.00
  • Pre-Sale Adult Weekend Pass: $25.00
  • Pre-Sale VIP Weekend Pass: $115.00

From April 3, 2017 onward, ticket prices are:

  • General Admission One Day Kid Pass: $12.00
  • General Admission Weekend Kid Pass: $16.00
  • General Admission Adult One Day Pass: $20.00
  • General Admission Adult Weekend Pass: $30.00
  • General Admission VIP Weekend Pass: $155.00


The sign-up form will be available in mid-December. Contact eventvolunteers@usquidditch.org and we’ll email you when the form is up. In the meantime, check out what volunteer positions we’re looking for here.  

For any questions about US Quidditch Cup 10, please contact Events Director Mary Kimball at events@usquidditch.org.

Volunteer schedule now available

The volunteer schedule for US Quidditch Cup 9 is available to view here.

Please note:

  • The first few color-coded tabs show the individual schedules for each volunteer department. The shifts by name tabs are sorted alphabetically by first name, so you can easily see when you are working. The final tab shows the full volunteer schedule including which games are happening – all volunteer shifts listed here are identical to what are listed on the color-coded tabs.
    • One important note for non-playing assistant and snitch referees: please be sure to check the purple volunteers tab for your name in addition to the gameplay tab. This year we will be having on-call referees during each game. These referees should report to volunteer headquarters ten minutes before the beginning of the scheduled game and wait to receive assignments. If all fields have brooms up you will be released at that time.
  • All volunteers who receive free admission (if you are working three or more hours) will be emailed a ticket later this week from Eventbrite. Please have this ticket either printed or accessible via smartphone when you arrive.
  • Even if you have a ticket, you still have to check in at the volunteers tent at least 15 minutes before your shift!
  • Volunteer lunch will be served to those who volunteer 6 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday from 12-2pm.
  • If you need to make a change to your assignment, please email events@usquidditch.org.
  • Volunteers may not consume any alcohol during their shift, and are discouraged from consuming any alcohol until they have completed all volunteer shifts for the day. You must abide by the alcohol policies listed here.
  • Training sessions will be held via conference call for all non-gameplay volunteers. Please email us at events@usquidditch.org if you believe that you did not receive this email.